Recreation Resource Management was founded in 1988 to provide local, state, and federal government with an alternative for managing public recreational facilities. For nearly 15 years, we have partnered with government organizations to provide quality services and environmental stewardship while increasing the net return to government.

Today, RRM administers over 175 properties in 12 states for various government bodies. At the peak of the summer season, we have over 700 employees overseen by nearly 50 highly experienced operations managers. Our expertise includes management of:

  • Campgrounds
  • Day use facilities and picnic areas
  • Boat Ramps
  • Stores
  • Boat and canoe rental
  • Public beaches
  • Horseback Riding

At each of these facilities, we are typically responsible for:

  • Fee collection
  • Customer interface and satisfaction
  • Facility maintenance and cleaning
  • Seasonal work (e.g. winterizing, tree removal)
  • Infrastructure management (e.g. water treatment plant)

Our size and scope help us to bring a professionalism to our properties unmatched by any other company. RRM is fully compliant with all relevant labor, safety, and environmental regulations. It has a comprehensive safety and training program and a full suite of reporting capabilities.

If you are unfamiliar with government recreation concessionaire programs, you can learn more about recreation outsourcing here. You can also view and download our brochure here (note: requires Acrobat Reader, which you can get here).

To learn more about us and our capabilities, email us at warren@camprrm.com or call Warren Meyer at 602-569-2333.