Cabins Added to Your Park, At No Cost or Risk

Get cabins of your choice plus a revenue share.  We market and operate them and pay for everything….

Cabins are one of the hottest visitor amenities in the campground world, but they also are expensive and require a capital investment many agencies cannot afford.  RRM will buy and install cabins of your choice in your park, without any cost or risk to your agency.  Here is how it works:

  • RRM will buy and install cabins of your choice in your park.  We have the necessary financing and experience to procure and install cabins to your specifications in the location of your choosing in the park. Your agency puts up no capital and it does not have to offer any sort of guarantees – there is no risk or expense at all.
  • RRM will maintain and operate the cabins.  While the exact division of responsibilities between RRM and your local staff is flexible, typically we prefer to maintain and operate the cabins, paying all expenses from labor to utilities to insurance. We like to install cabins in groups of 8 to 10, the number that can be serviced easily by one camp host couple. Typically, we either construct a host site for this couple or we lease an existing site from your park.
  • Our compensation is a revenue share agreement.  We will collect the revenue from the cabins and pay your agency an agreed-upon percentage of revenue, the exact amount of which will depend on the length of the contract and the difficulty of the installation, among other considerations.
  • RRM will market the cabins.  RRM has 30 years of experience marketing public recreation areas. Since we repay our investment in these cabins only if we can fill them with happy visitors, we have every incentive to become your park’s marketing partner.
  • We can optionally provide the reservations system.  Most of the agencies we work with already have their own reservation system they want us to use, but we also have our own proprietary system we developed for the Tennessee Valley Authority that we can use as well (at no additional cost).
  • Cabins become the park’s property at the end of the contract.  While there is a lot of flexibility in contract length, our starting point is 18 years, though shorter contracts are possible if required by agency rules. Longer contracts allow for more investment and a higher concession fee payment / revenue share for the agency. All the cabins we install are very well-built with decades of useful life.

To learn more, visit our cabin website.  Or read one of our case studies: