Gaining a Trusted Partner with No Loss of Control

We understand trust is a big issue.  We have decades of experience running parks the way the public and your agency want them run….

Private recreation operators like RRM aren’t trying to take ownership of the land.  We aren’t trying to pave the wilderness.  They aren’t trying to build condos in front of Old Faithful.  We are in fact willing to accept whatever recreation mission or preservation mission the public owner of the park sets and manage the park to that mission. What webring to the table is that in many cases, private companies can operate the park and keep it open with the fees paid at the gate, without big price hikes and without the need for taxpayer subsidies.  And we can bring capital to the table to make facility improvements that the agency might struggle to fund.

Some of the qualities that allow us to do this include:


Professional Organization

  •  Highly professional organization with nearly 25 years of experience in public recreation management.
  • Extensive and well documented processes, supported by a strong training program and extensive resources to support our service providers
  • Unmatched scope, with 40 managers and 500 employees in 11 states and over 150 parks
  • Experience in a variety of facility types, from campgrounds and day use facilities to marinas and stores

Outstanding Results

  •  Time and again, we take red ink off the government’s hands and replace it with a steady rent
  • Proven track record of increasing revenues and visitation
  • The parks we operate have been recognized by numerous third-party organizations as among the best public parks in the United States
  • Nearly every park we operate is rated 4.5 (out of 5) or better on major review sites.  Check out any site we run, and odds are you will see nothing but top reviews at, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Google, and others.

Sensitivity and Compliance

  •  Every customer complaint and every negative review in the entire organization is personally reviewed by our CEO.
  • Consistent high inspection grades from our supervising rangers and permit administrators
  • Flawless track record of safety and environmental compliance

Strength and Committment

  • To date, we have invested nearly $5 million of our own capital to improve and expand our partner sites.
  • We have never left a contract early, even when we were losing money