Contract for Park Operations on a Revenue Share

Retain ownership and control while we manage the operating details, reducing costs and improving visitor satisfaction…

We have over 600 contract-years of experience in hundreds of parks and campgrounds providing high quality operations management for public recreation agencies.  In these contracts we typically pay all the expenses and provide all the necessary labor to operate a park in exchange for a revenue sharing agreement.

Our responsibilities typically include:

  • All staffing
  • All aspects of the customer experience, from reservations to payment to problem resolution
  • Cleaning and landscaping
  • Regular maintenance (in a short-term contract) and all maintenance (in longer contracts)
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Environmental compliance and resource protection

Typically the public agency provides:

  • Contract oversight
  • Control of the park’s character (e.g. what services are allowed, what sorts of improvements are allowed, access and stay rules, etc.)
  • Approval of fee changes, service changes, and any facility modifications
  • Major maintenance (on shorter-term contracts)
  • Environmental and wildlife management

And some responsibilities vary between us and the agency, depending on the situation

  • Interpretive programs
  • Ownership of reservations system


  • We have a well-documented, proven process laser-focused on management of parks, particularly campgrounds and day use areas.
  • We have more flexibility and focus to keep costs down and make recreation financially sustainable
  • Because we work for a revenue share, and not a fixed payment, we have the incentive to keep visitors happy and loyal.   More than just an operational partner, we will be your marketing partner as well to encourage visitation in the parks.


Contact us to learn more, or you can see the presentations from our last few national conferences reviewing this model in great depth.