Keeping Public Parks Open

For nearly 25 years, we have been providing high-quality management of public parks and recreation.

Why Private Management?

Many public parks organizations are struggling to fully fund parks.  By  substantially reducing operating costs, we help keep parks open. …


Quality & Trust

We understand trust is a big issue.  We have decades of experience running parks the way the public and your agency want them run….


Serving Non-Profits

Increasingly, states are turning to non-profits to keep parks open.  But where can non-profits turn for the needed skills?

Current Contracts

Current Contracts

RRM has contracts with local, state, and Federal agencies across the country to many many types of recreation resources.

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

We have won numerous awards and accolades for our management of public recreation.  One such recognition is the naming of campgrounds under our management to the list of Top 100 Family Campgrounds in America: 2003: […]


Recent Blog Posts

  • Over-Policing of Parks
    I have written before about the tendency of parks agency to go crazy on police coverage.  For some reason, it has become common for parks to either a) make all park staff law enforcement officers or b) create vast law enforcement infrastructures as separate departments in parks.  In many locations, this is entirely unnecessary.  Worse, […] […]
  • How Are Public Parks Like Universities?
    Glenn Reynolds is writing about colleges, but he could just as easily be writing about public parks: Full-time administrators now outnumber full-time faculty. And when times get tough, schools have a disturbing tendency to shrink faculty numbers while keeping administrators on the payroll. Teaching gets done by low-paid, nontenured adjuncts, but nobody ever […]
  • PERC on Private Operation of Public Parks
    My article on private operation of public parks has been published by PERC and is now up at their web site.  It’s called “A Tale of Two Parks” and compares the costs of private and public operation, among a number of other issues. […]
  • Government Shutdown and Privately Operated Federal Parks
    The government shutdown in October was an interesting chapter in the business of private operation of public parks. For years I have said that one of the advantages of private operation of public parks is that these parks are sheltered from budget shenanigans.  If the park  is operating with no public money, they can’t be […] […]
  • Rethinking California Parks
    The Little Hoover Commission, a sort of internal consulting arm attached to the California legislature, has released a report called “Beyond Crisis: Recapturing Excellence in California’s State Park System“. I am still skimming the report.  Certainly private partnerships play a role in the recommendations, but they appear to be the more tepid “private partne […]
  • Using Private Operators To Short-Circuit the Sequester
    Derrick Crandall has an article recently on ways the NPS can survive the sequester.  Here is a key bit: Second, there are roles and functions that could and should be reviewed and could be transferable to private sector operations.  For example, NPS directly operates most of its campgrounds while a sister federal agency, the Forest […] […]